Smart Water Shutoff Systems

Every home’s plumbing is made up of a multitude of pipes. Imagine one or more of these pipes bursting in the middle of the day when you’re at work. You come home to a flood. The resulting water damage usually carries a hefty bill. No question, water is a necessity; however, it can be destructive if a leak or burst pipe occurs. It helps to know where the shut off valves are, or rather, it used to. But with evolving technology automatic water shutoff valves have made it less critical to know exactly where the shutoff valves are located in your home. 

Automatic Water Shutoff Valves

A little history. . . Generally speaking, traditional automatic water shutoff valves can be separated into two categories: (1) moisture sensor systems and (2) whole home water shut off and leak detection. But these types of systems have limitations. Both lack web functionality. In addition, they are prone to “false positives” or false alarms. Another disadvantage of these traditional automatic water shutoff valves is that they require wiring throughout the home, which can be very expensive.

Enter the Next Generation—the Smart Water Shutoff

Smart wireless water shutoff valves automatically turn the water off as soon as a leak is detected. They range from being used in specific locations such as under a sink or in a laundry room, to others which monitor the entire house. In addition, smart water shutoff systems allow you to control a water source with your smartphone.

Brown Plumbing Recommends FLO by Moen

FLO by Moen is the smart water security system that is recommended by all of us at Brown Plumbing for a number of reasons. FLO by Moen is an all-in-one water security system that includes both a monitoring and shutoff device. It is installed on the main water supply line before the water goes into the home. There are three sensors that monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. These sensors and Smart Water Shutoff’s algorithms work together to detect problems like leaks and burst pipes. 

Tests are run daily to identify even the smallest leaks. You will be notified via your smartphone of any issues. You can use your phone to look at the amount of water consumption. You can even turn your water off or on using your phone. FLO by Moen is also designed to automatically shut the water off in case of an emergency. 

Our team at Brown Plumbing knows you’ll get that added piece of mind when you start using FLO by Moen. We look forward to talking with you and getting you up and running with FLO by Moen. Give us a call at 850-545-0581


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